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Kim Harris, President & Founder

I formed The Virtuous Woman Project because I'm passionate about the overall well-being of women and young girls.


I believe it's important that all women, but especially young women have a firm foundation on which to build their future and The Virtuous Woman Project strives to be that platform.


Through tireless fundraising efforts and donations, we are able to provide scholarships to female high school graduates who desire to further their education. The Virtuous Woman Project is committed to not only helping them achieve that goal but taking it a step further by monitoring their progress throughout their journey as a way to encourage and show support.


As an adult learner, I'm able to relate to the challenges that are associated with trying to pursue a college degree. Having a strong support system is key and can greatly impact overall success. As a mother, wife, grandmother, working full time and in ministry, there are times when I've felt like giving up. But I have an amazing husband, family, and friends who encourage and motivate me to stay the course.


Overall, please join us as we work together to provide support to the young women that will one day become our future leaders. 


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